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JC/Terje context

April 7, 2007

JC asked me to move Terje’s original comment to this blog for context, so it is below. Readers can decide whether it was provocative. Responses to the JC/Terje stoush have also been removed from the ALS blog and placed here.

I’m trying to separate the real arguments from the personal stuff, so please help me out people and try to keep the ALS discussion relevant. Thanks.



JC discusses Terje

April 3, 2007

This comment was posted by JC at the ALS blog in response to a comment by Terje:

In an attempt to remove the ongoing meta-analysis and personal insults from the ALS blog I am moving the comment here for people to discuss and debate at their will. This blog will never be moderated for any reason, so feel free to be as rude, repetitive and hurtful as you think appropriate.