JC/Terje context

JC asked me to move Terje’s original comment to this blog for context, so it is below. Readers can decide whether it was provocative. Responses to the JC/Terje stoush have also been removed from the ALS blog and placed here.

I’m trying to separate the real arguments from the personal stuff, so please help me out people and try to keep the ALS discussion relevant. Thanks.


JC – it pains me that you get precious when two of your own are being attacked (by each other) but you think it funny when somebody outside the “cause” is on the receiving end. I think that you are overly tribal and I note that the threatened defamation case against Catallaxy also named you. You should maybe get your own house in order and practice being respectful towards a wider audience. It is possible to disagree with people respectfully.


13 Responses to “JC/Terje context”

  1. JC Says:

    My reply to terd is in moderation. Please let it through.

    [ADMIN: JC’s reply is published below as it’s own post]

  2. Terje Says:

    JC – I have seen your comment in the moderation queue but I have no authority to release it as this is not my article. It would not seem fair of me to wage a debate when your comments are invisible to others so I’ll only comment if your input does get released from moderation. Good luck with that.

  3. JC Says:

    Terd (get yourself an anglo name for Christ sake that people can pronounce) says:

    “It would not seem fair of me to wage a debate when your comments are invisible to others so I’ll only comment if your input does get released from moderation.”

    Look you lick spittle for the left, you had no problems with commenting on an issue no one else saw, so please don’t give us your fairness routine when you are anything but. You just exude insincerity and dishonesty in the extreme.

    Comment on it, you insincere louse, it didn’t stop you from commenting about Quiggin’s dirty underhanded comments.

    If you won’t comment on it, I can only assume that not only are you an insincere, phony dope, you are also a coward to boot.

  4. nicholas gray Says:

    JC, you’re not supposed to go around crucifying others, you know….

  5. JC Says:


    I put up a comment becasue it pained me to see Bird and john arguing like this. Then Terd face decides to have a go at me about issues to do with Quiggin. This fool doesn’t know the history and what has gone on with that backstabbling creep. But he does know his MO as he is there every other day sucking up and making nice with the headkicker.

    The insincere phony dope has this say about Bird.

    Yes you are correct that Graeme does not generally add anything in the way of original ideas or insights and he certainly adds nothing in the way of clarity or precision. I’m just being charitable.

    So far we have managed to get Graeme to agree that he won’t abuse people when he does not feel like abusing them. A major achievement don’t you think. 8-D

    That’s a bit rich coming from someone who tells people he learned his economics from Wanniski’s site – “Wanniski University”- and then suggests the Bird doesn’t have original ideas. Wanniski was the biggest anti-semitic quack on the eastern seaboard. There wasn’t a Jew hater Wanniski met he didn’t like. So much so that even Drudge excluded him from his list of writers. There was never a totalitarian Wanniski heard of that he didn’t like.


    Hey Terd.

    Quiggin accused me of being a racist because I defended Keith W. To be exact I defended him because Quiggin hadn’t even read his book.

    Should I assume you’re a Jew hater becasue you adored Wanniski? You insincere brown nose?

  6. Terje Says:

    JC – I admit it. I’m a dopy, insincere, phony, jew hater and deep down I’m really scared of you. My name isn’t anglo saxon and I am terribly ashamed of how difficult that makes your life. I know it is hard hanging around people who are not of anglo saxon heritage and I thank you for your extreme patience in this regard. I’m also a lick spittle for the left but I’m trying to keep it a secret so please don’t keep telling everybody.

  7. JC Says:

    I’ll call you Ted from now on because it’s far easier on the language.

    1. People change their names because it is easier for others. it’s called consideration. I did. Many others have without any problem. You should try it too.

    2. Yes you are insincere and phony.

    3. I don’t think you are scared of me- that’s just a pathetic attempt at defection.

    4. Nothing to do with being Anglo Saxon. I’m not one. But we speak English here Ted, and consideration for others means just that.

    5 Well you are a lickspittle for hard lefties and it’s not a secret. Brown nosing hard lefties like Quiggin is proof.

    6. Wanniski was a Jew hater from way back. That’s why people had enough of him and the main reason why he was marginalized. He was also a crank posing as an economist who didn’t have the formal qualifications to back it up. But that doesn’t stop dopes likes you from listening to his silly ideas.

  8. graemebird Says:



  9. graemebird Says:





    Go Away.

    Take the blocks off and fuck off.

    I mean I was pointing out that Terje was pulling his same old stunt over at the money debate and Humphreys cunt or Sukrit went and censored it?????

  10. John Humphreys Says:

    This blog is uncensored. But Graeme — please don’t extend your tantrum to the LDP blog. We are trying to maintain that blog as the public face of the party for polite discussion.

    I haven’t been doing anything to you. I’m busy in Cambodia with limited internet access and I wasn’t even aware a monetary debate was going on. The fact that you still feel entitled to throw abuse at me based on your wrong assumptions shows why you need to be moderated and once again betrays the faith that JC and DavidL have in you.

  11. graemebird Says:


    You are a complete fucking idiot on every single subject bar none.

    Fuck off you stupid cunt.

    You are holding up progress.

    Plus you are a lying cunt too.

    Only Jason would buy such a feeble fucking excuse for your attempts to retard the monetary debate.

    Attempts which predate the thread in question by the way.

    Fuck off you are such an idiot.

    You are so moronic its just incredible.

    Your ideas on national defense could not be more stupid.

  12. graemebird Says:

    Hey stupid cunt?

    Did you notice that you lost every single fucking debate you had with me on this site.

    Fuck off.

    You’ll never be a Senator. My campaign against you will take its toll. No cunt will ever not see through you again.

  13. Headshrink Says:

    Somehow i missed the point. Probably lost in translation 🙂 Anyway … nice blog to visit.

    cheers, Headshrink!!!

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