JC discusses Terje

This comment was posted by JC at the ALS blog in response to a comment by Terje:


In an attempt to remove the ongoing meta-analysis and personal insults from the ALS blog I am moving the comment here for people to discuss and debate at their will. This blog will never be moderated for any reason, so feel free to be as rude, repetitive and hurtful as you think appropriate.


The threatened Libel action is a threat that I only wish Quiggin would carry out, as I would like to see him in court explaining how almost every second comment he makes is a personal attack against people who disagree with his warped far left views. Unlike you I take on bullies even if they scream in pain and agony. Unlike you I don’t suck up to him as you do which a one of the reasons I find most of what you say to be phony and insincere.

Quiggin has been trying to crack heads since the first day he started up his pathetic bog. He shows he doesn’t like it when it’s dished out to him by the backhanded pathetic way he goes behind people’s backs to make threats. In other words he is a typical fucking coward and people like you are his enablers by sucking up to the prick. Count how many times he’s attacked people, Terd. Count how many times he’s tried to trash people’s professional ethics and “whose pockets they are in”. Have you ever bothered to count, Terd.

A few years ago he threw me off his bog because I defended Keith Windshuttle after he accused KW of being a racist. However Quiggin had never read his book. When I protested at his obvious lack of academic professionalism he accused me of being a racist as well. This is just one of the many examples I have carefully filed away. He has even trashed one of the nicest people in the OZ blogsphere, Jen Marohasey by attempting to impugn her motives because of her views with global warming.

I fucking well hate that.

Of course Quiggin has never apologized for the pathetic book he wrote in 1994 outlining his “plan” to get the country back to full employment. He solution was massive doses of government spending by hiring people in the people services like social work. That was his idea of getting people back to full time work. He has never apologized for writing such worthless crap, yet he is quite prepared to attack other people.

As I said. Quiggin is quite free to sue me. I will outlawyer him, I will out smart him and I will win in addition to the costs I incur. You think I didn’t take his threat seriously, you dope? I asked for legal opinion the day after he made those cowardly threats and accusations.

Your insincerity just oozes out, Terd. Even the “regards Terje” you place at the end of each post makes most people want to puke. It also oozes out by the fact that you suck up to Quiggin like he is a dying relative when 9999% of what he says ought to be poison to a self described libertarian. So please spare me the platitudes and what you think.

What you think is not important to me. It seems the only reason you made the above comment was that you hoped it would hurt me. It doesn’t, it only confirms that anyone who could seriously say they learned their economics from quacks like Wanniski with a straight face is into serious amounts of masturbation.

Terd, fuck off and don’t ever speak to me again, you insincere, phony dope.



7 Responses to “JC discusses Terje”

  1. Terje Says:

    Terd, fuck off and don’t ever speak to me again, you insincere, phony dope.

    JC – since you have asked me so directly and so nicely to avoid speaking with you I’ll make an extra special effort to abstain from analysing your comment.

  2. JC Says:

    Well actually it wasn’t nice, but it was direct.

    What’s totally pathetic and cowardly is the way you allowed that comment of yours to remain on that thread but moved mine here. This only underscares what a coward you really are as well as total insincere phony.

    Maybe, you want to explain how you consider Quiggin’s attempt to refer to Keith supporters as racist while you smooze around proudly annoucing how you “studied” economics by reading the noted anit-semite Jude Wanniski.

    You commmet should not remain on the thread if mine isn’t.

    You’re gutless.

  3. Ben Says:


    It’s an ad hominemorama around these parts. Why can’t we all just be buds?

  4. hooly dooly Says:

    JC, you are thee freakazoid della blogosphere.

    With your clapped out old computer equipment you paid too much for that you cannot even operate properly, you are indeed the ding-dong that hangs off the bottom of the graph of KW’s IQ bell curve.
    You are not worth litigation, or even the price of a bullet and we are not going to bash you just because you crave it and have asked your wife to organise it.

    You need web therapy with Misstress Arachnae:

  5. terje (say tay-a) Says:

    What’s totally pathetic and cowardly is the way you allowed that comment of yours to remain on that thread but moved mine here.

    Just for historical clarity, I didn’t move anybodies comments to anywhere in regards to this matter, nor did I request it. One of the administrators of the ALS blog (ie John Humphreys) took that action on his own initative.

    Readers should note that JC and I have moved on now and all is good. See comments here:-


  6. teedgePredype Says:

    Great page:D I will definitely come back again:D

  7. Josh Westbrook Says:

    If I had a dime for each time I came here… Superb read!

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