The End

Well, that’s enough of this silliness from me. This blog will now going into hibernation until Graeme shows himself once again in desperate need of education. Until then, don’t be scared.


6 Responses to “The End”

  1. Jason Soon Says:

    *Sniff* *Sniff*

    Where am I going to get my bloodsport fix now??

  2. graemebird Says:

    Humphreys I’ll be back.

    What happened is that I was trying to nail down a simple guide to climate change…….

    I was prepared for the idea that anything I might say might be reasonably logical but not at all corresponding with the real world.

    The problem is I wrote and published the first draft when I was tired, angry and tipsy. And it was a bit ridiculous. I didn’t want to wimp out entirely and wipe it all without a replacement….. so the situation, sort of committed me, to do a lot more reading until I had something which I could grudgingly stay with.

    I wound up with ‘Albedo-Overated’ and ‘Its The Oceans Stupid” which, by the way, are in reverse order.

    We have a situation where the status quo is ridiculous but its very hard to show why. And of course its beyond me to overturn it all from the arm-chair or the miserable second-hand computer-table.

    So I’m just trying to lay out some sort of perspective, not necessarily get things right, but just lay out a bit of context so that the laity might not feel the need to be taken in by these clowns.

  3. graemebird Says:

    Finally google has the new one and has trashed the embarrasing version.

    I bet you guys thought I was incapable of being embarrassed.

    Well thats almost true but not quite.

  4. Ali Ibrahim Says:

    I also try to educate the birdy brain, but that guy is like the infidel to the infidels. Now he posts how the western lefty guys betray Pinochet:

    With friends like Pinochet, who needs Saddam for embarasment?

  5. graemebird Says:

    Yeah thanks for pointing that post out.

    It now looks like Pinochet only killed 400 folks. And the rest were killed as the result of marxist usurpers starting a civil war. A war which the Marxists started and Pinochet won.

    He’s starting to look better all the time.

  6. Blogs, news and more! Says:

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